Thursday, September 29, 2005

India Unbound

I was not very fond of reading books with economy and/or history as the subject. But this book has opened my mind to that genre of books as well...

India Unbound - Gurcharan Das

It is an interesting mix of his personal life, the country's economic, Social and Political Environment from his boyhood days till he became the chairman of P&G
The book is interspersed with little anecdotes like his meeting with Galbraith, his grandfather's view of the British Raj leaving India, Nehru's charisma, the lady in the village who had an innovative way of using his company's product.
He has given a vivid account of the liberalization process and the people involved in it.
There is also a narrative on the current economic progress of the country and his opinion of the current and future economic environment of the country. He has also written about the IT boom in India and compares it to the Industrial Revolution in Europe.

This book definitely qualifies as a 'Must Read'. Once you have finished the book, you can and would want to glance through the book once in a while.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Skewed Ratio

India is happening now. The Sensex is soaring..reaching new heights. India is the hot destination be it investments, tourism or Business Outsourcing. Our music, movies, art and culture are being embraced worldwide.Our economy is doing well. People have much more disposable income in their hands. Indians are spending a lot of money.

So is India really shining? I do not think so...Unless the women are treated on par with men in the society, the society has a lot of catching up to do before we can say India shines.India has a dismal sex ratio. The more appalling fact here is that the sex ratio has gone down from 972 to 1000 in 1901 to 941 in 1961 to 933 in 2001. It is sad that this downward trend is taking place in light of all the development and progress in the country.

Recently a movie depicted society with scarcity of women. Some might write off the movie saying it is too unbelievable. But that could be a possibility if we do not stop girl infanticide and foeticideMind you, this does not happen only in the rural areas. It is as rampant among the 'Educated' urbanites.The government has come up with a lot of initiatives in terms of women and girl child development programmes. Many corporate groups have also initiated programmes to elevate the status of the girl child and for empowerment of rural women. But unless there is an awakening among the general public, these programmes will not have the desired effect.
Is education the answer? I am not very sure. Female foeticde is rampant in the metros all over the country. Obviously these people have some level of education. How much can you educate people?? People have to realize from within that she is not a 'curse'. They have to realize that it is a crime to indulge in such cruel activities. There has to be an integrated social awakening to the fact that injustice is meted out to the girl child and that it has to be stopped.
We should change our mindset towards women.

Next time, let us not frown at the birth of a girl in our family (near or far).
Let all the parents give the girl children the same love and affection and take care of her needs just as they would take care of the son.
Let us encourage her to get an education and seek financial independence.
Let us not treat the girl as a burden that has to be passed on in marriage for dowry and marriage expenses.
When a girl is getting married into our family, let us not expect nor accept gifts in cash and kind. These things are definitely not rocket science and can be carried out by all.
But I guess human greed and evil in the garb of tradition ingrained in the society for a long time thwarts the awakening.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Sania Mirza

SANIA MIRZA - the name is everywhere..she is the topic of discussion. It is nice to know that a sports person who is not a cricketer and a lady is grabbing all the attention from the media in our country.
But she is not getting attention from them for her game of tennis alone.
She is getting attention from the media for her T-shirts (!!), nose ring her not so long skirts and the opinion that her 'Looks' are suited for Bollywood. The more news going around about Sania, the more I realize that these things are given more coverage than her forehand and backhand.

I think we should give her a break. She is 18..and will dress up as normal 18 year olds would.
She cannot be expected to be in sweatshirts and track pants all the time just coz she is a sportsperson.
She cannot be blamed that she looks attractive. Who said good players should be ugly??
Corporate are blamed for giving sponsorship/advertisements ONLY to cricketers. Now that Sania is getting advertisements, the media has concluded that she gets the advertisements because she looks attractive and not because she is a sportsperson. Sportspersons have a short career. They have to make the best use of it as long as they give their game top priority.

I am sure if Sania were a male tennis player, such things would have never come in the picture.
When people talk about male tennis players, most of the discussion is on their tennis, and not on their looks or shorts! Let us allow her to concentrate on her game and do the same from our part.

Monday, September 05, 2005


I am Vidya put up in Mumbai working in the IT industry and enthusiastic about sports like volleyball, tennis, cricket, athletics.
I love travelling, getting to know people, reading, adventure sports, rock music
I am content in taking each moment of life as it comes rather than thinking and/or planning of the future.
I believe in Live and Let Live

First Blog

Finally I have created my own blog. Have been reading quite a few blogs over the last 3-4 months.I want to write professionally some day..maybe this blog is a start.