Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Jhulan Goswami- feels good to know that an Indian fast bowler can scare off a batting side. I can't remember the last time this happened.
A typical story for a sportsperson in India. Comes from a small village, parents/ society try to supress the sporting talent, but luckily finds a good coach and manages to make it big and get into the national side (which is not so typical).

Ofcourse the difference is that she performed well when it mattered and also got the ICC woman cricketer of the year award. When I hear such stories I always think of all those stories that I don't know, all those sportswomen who have the talent but could not make it big either because of financial or societal pressures or plain ill luck.
Hopefully her next stellar performance will be splashed on the front pages of all newspapers just like our male cricketers were praised to the skies for defeating Bangladesh (!!) after the disastrous world cup.
Point to Ponder- The Bangladesh tournament was immediately after the world cup. There were some matches with Scotland around the time of the England tour. Why is there a tournament with minnows after every tournament with the non-minnows? Face saving technique!