Friday, July 04, 2008

Rain Rain here it comes

The sea lashing at you in Chowpatty
The waves going over your head in Worli
The cool breeze in Marine Drive
The lush green trees in Aarey
Pleasant Evenings for a walk
The bhuttas at Bandstand
Enjoy the monsoons in Bombay

Bridge Slithering

Bridge Slithering - Saw this on the schedule given to us by the organizers.
The name made me wonder what I will be doing next in my 9 day adventure trip to Uttaranchal.
I was done with rappelling, trekking, river rafting, body surfing, camping 1000 ft above sea level in a remote place with only the stars and the moon for company.
My question was answered on the 5th day of my trip
I was taken to a bridge which was about 50-60 metres above sea level. It was across the Ganges. The Ganges was roaring and flowing across with zest.
I wore a life jacket strapped on the ropes and climbed over the bridge to stand on the outside of the bridge. It is adrenalin pumping to cross over the bridge and stand just above the water…More so if you have no idea about swimming or even floating.
Then I start my descent by applying friction to the rope using the carbiners and descenders. As I approached the gushing river below I let go off the rope and jump in the river and catch hold of a kayak which will take me to land.
It is a thrilling experience. Hanging onto the rope and looking at the beautiful scenery around is a wonderful feeling. I am waiting for another chance to do it.