Monday, March 10, 2008

New Career Option

Circa 1985
Parent : Rahul..Stop playing cricket. Get your books and start studying. Don't you know exams are starting next week?

Circa 2007
Parent: Hrithik.. can you please put your books away and go for some cricket sessions? Do you just want a 9 to 5 job with meagre salary?

Cricket which already is a national obsession and a religion has become even bigger now. A person wanted to be a cricketer earlier for the game, the fame, a secure job in the public sector and yes the money was good.
But today there is no limit to the money you can make; the fame you can get. Who does not like that? You get to act, pose, preen in all kinds of advertisements. You get to come on television. You can act in the movies. Oh yes and you get to play cricket.

Now cricket comes in different flavours - 5 day matches, 3 day matches, one day matches and T20 type. Therefore more options for more players. You also get to play for city, state country, different age groups and all the possible leagues. It does not matter whether you are retired; do not play well; or you were dumped by the national team because of your bad performance. There are so many teams today that you will definitely find some team to play for. If by a remote possibility you do not get this chance, you can always do commentary on the game or be a cricket expert doing analysis for any of the countless channels. You can further improve your economic and social status by writing a book ,a blog or even writing 'expert' columns for newspapers (all related to cricket of course). Earlier you had to join one of the "Ixx" to get a jump start in life like IIT, IIM, IAS. Now you can add ICL and IPL to this list.
So do you want to consider joining the nearest cricket camp?