Tuesday, November 15, 2005

When People become Strangers

Why is it that so often in our city when a person is murdered in his house; the next door neighbours come to know about it three days later, that too because of the stench of death.
Are we moving towards total isolation?

In today's age of Chat, SMS and virtual gaming, we are losing touch with people in 'real time'.
Chat sure expresses everything but slowly but surely people are going to find real time communication difficult. Surveys have proved that people are increasingly becoming better at non face-to-face communication and avoiding real meetings.
Have you see the offices today? People are there much beyond their working hours. Yes many are really working but many are sitting in office, as they have nothing to do going back to their homes. They surf; they chat they read. Should they not be meeting real people?

People are increasingly using SMS to break up a relation!!!?? How can a relation..something so Real so full of emotions be broken by a text message. Are we scared of facing reality?

Kids are supposed to be playing outside in playgrounds and parks not sitting in front of a PC. Yes it does improve hand eye coordination, it improves logic but this is of no use at the cost of a healthy childhood.

One theory suggests that increased use of the Internet leads to loneliness. Today we are using the Internet so much that it can lead to psychological disorders.

It is said Man is a social animal. I hope we do not get into the trap of too much of technology that this statement becomes irrelevant.

Monday, November 07, 2005


I ran and ran and ran...Maybe these are too many 'rans' for a 4.5 km marathon. But for someone like me who does not really have the habit of running nor any strict fitness regime, so many 'rans' do qualify.
It was organized by the Rotary club in aid of cancer patients. It was for a good cause and I wanted to see if I was upto a run like this.
I am glad I did something for a good cause and am happy that I was able to complete the race. I was huffing and puffing within 200 m of the race and I thought I will never make it. But with a combination of running and brisk walking, I managed to cross the finish line.

There was a lot of participation for a good cause on a SUNDAY morning

There were many participants in the Under 18 category.
Many elders (over 45) had participated and most of them completed the race.
It was pretty well organized.
I completed the race :)