Friday, May 26, 2006

Letter to PM

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

I remember I had been happy when you got elected as the Prime Minister of our country. I had been glad that a politician of high intellect, capability and a clean image could lead our country and represent us in the World.

But your rigid stance on the reservation issue saddens me. Do you really think reservations are going to help the underprivileged? Do you really think reservations in graduation and post graduation levels will help the cause of education in our country?

Though I do not want to believe this, but this stand merely seems to be for vote collection.

The pro-reservation stand will only cause more divisions in our society. Rampant printing of certificates to prove that one is from the reserved sections will become/has already become a big business. There will soon be a situation where one would feel that there is no harm in getting a certificate. One would think one can use it just in case he/she does not make the merit list (with more and more reservations, it is more likely that getting a seat via a 'reserved category' certificate will be easier than getting one on merit).
It makes the sections that are banking on getting into colleges through merit truly "weak".
If you really want to reserve seats, why disallow the creamy layer from getting their right to reservation. Is it their fault that they made money and their brethren did not? So I can make either money or remain poor and get a seat in college of my choice???

Please reconsider your decision


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Going Backwards..

Every section of the society is hell bent on making our country as regressive as possible. You disagree with me... Take a look at the recent incidents-

Jaggu and Tarana on radio have gone Hindi all the way. It is not that I am anti-Hindi but they just don't sound like the original Jaggu and Tarana. Why can't we have a healthy mix of everything?

Certain groups are asking for a ban on the Da Vinci Code movie. Why cannot people just treat it as a piece of fiction and take a decision for themselves whether they want to see or not see it??

Reservations - There is no better way than this to go back in time, No better way than this to divide our country. I am glad that there are protests against this.

Ban westernwear from colleges. - This is going on for quite sometime. . Give me a break. Is western wear really gonna harm our Culture?? Is our culture so fragile that clothes will be able to destroy it?? Are miscreants going to stop their acts if our women wear only Indian clothes?? I really do not think so.