Thursday, February 14, 2008

Feel Their presence

Yearly agenda of a political party in our country to make their presence felt

Event 1- Violent actions against people not from the state originally or people speaking a language different from the one spoken by people in the state.
Event 2 - Violent Protests against Valentine Day thus protecting India's cultural identity
Event 3 - Create disturbances in factories of big industrial houses.
Event 4 - Slip a remark or two about one of the religions being practiced in the country and take advantage of the rising emotions of the public.
Event 5 - Protest against a big star in Bollywood or some scene in a highly publicised eagerly awaited Bollywood movie.
Event 6 - Criticise an action of a sportsperson and/ or corporate bigwig saying that it hurt the nation's sentiments.

Event 7 - Raise issues about court cases/allegations present against opposition leaders/members.
Event 8 - Create brouhaha when State and Country awards are announced and broadcast their own opinions (without anyone asking) about who should be awards' recipients.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


She treads ever so softly on the ground
Lest she hurt the little beings on her path
She never plucked the flowers
She knew that they wanted to be in their beds
She scared children away from catching butterflies and set them free
She came home to a life of slavery
Hard work, insults and misery
She tasted freedom never at all
But knew how much it mattered to all