Tuesday, October 10, 2006

End of an Era

The US open 2006 was more than just another tournament this time. Aggasi announced that it would be his last tournament. His retirement news got a lot of high profile publicity. I was more saddened that it was Navratilova's last tournament as well but glad that she retired on a winning note.
She is truly a great athlete. She had a superb all round game and a long innings as well. It is difficult to keep going for years together with the same dedication and determination when your health falters (you cannot play at 40 as you can play at 20 and it is difficult for a human to accept that, play with that and Win with that))

Look at some of the statistics that ascertain the fact that Martina is truly a remarkable athlete.

She has -
- Won 167 singles titles
- Won 176 doubles titles
- Won 20 titles at Wimbledon including nine singles
- a WIN -LOSE match record of 1,440-213 !!!

30 cheers for martina...(three is too less a number.)