Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The PC speaketh...

Oh! My slave has come and he has turned me on already. He is late to work by 19 minutes and 23 seconds. Maybe because he was working till late last night.

Well there he goes to check his mails. I know his routine so well...
He will first open Microsoft Outlook to check mails. Then he will log on to the IM and reply to a couple of offline messages.
Then he will open his personal mailbox and check them. Forward a couple of silly forwards.
Next he gets up to get some coffee for himself. He better be careful. He spilt it on my keyboard yesterday. That thing is so hot.
Okay. There comes his Manager. Now he gets to work. He does less of typing and more of control+ C and control +V

Chief!! Don’t abuse don’t code properly then abuse me.
This is another thing I detest. When anything does not work he has to abuse me, bang my keyboard and the mouse. The intensity increases as the day passes.

I am just a dumb machine you are supposed to be the most intelligent creature in the world. So it is your job to make stuff work and not abuse me.
I know a lot about him from the websites he keeps visiting.
I know his interests, likes, questions in his life, his taste in music

Of course he is not the only slave that I have had. I had slaves before him also.
Oh yes..I forgot, today is a Friday. Most of these guys have a five day week. I can rest for the next two weeks and get a break from this guy banging my keyboard.

Why do I call him my slave?? He will have no work if it was not for me and therefore no money.
He seems so lost and just does not know what to do when I breakdown or refuse to obey to his commands. He gets so restless HA! HA! I feel so good then. It always feels nice to see that one is so important. Hey we machines have feelings and egos too.

I better get back to some processing now...Bye