Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Counting Sheep

I am sure most of you have heard of the old tale, that when you can't get sleep in the night, one of the methods is to count sheep jumping over the fence. I tried it yesterday. But it was not really working.
I decided to make this a little interesting. I replaced each sheep's face with a Bollywood actor's face and imagined how the jump would be.

Shahrukh Sheep - It went and jumped landed on the fence. Did a little jig came back on this side and jumped again to land on the other side.

Hritik Sheep - Flexed its leg muscles and jumped. It was the farthest and most graceful leap

Vivek Sheep - Came with a mike in its mouth and with lots of bleating about it jumped. But its leg hit the fence and hurt itself. One leg had to be bandaged.

Salman Sheep - Came in full force and jumped landed on Vivek Sheep and punched the daylights out of him

Aamir Sheep - Came towards the fence slowly. Took a long look at the fence. Went back. Thought for sometime. Calculated the height of the fence length of run-up etc. etc. and finally jumped. It was considered the most perfect jump. All the other sheep were sleeping by then.

Sunny Sheep - Came towards the fence broke it, walked past it.

Good Night!