Friday, August 24, 2007

Chick Talk

Chandu: Hey dhondu did you see the news we are in showbiz again...
Dhondu: What are you saying chandu? Is it the bird flu again?
Chandu: Noo not that. Not even that chickungunya business which had nothing to do with us
Dhondu: Then?
Chandu: It is about us being headless.
Dhondu: What are you saying? These humans are always trying to put us down if not on the table then by disrespecting our feelings. What is this new controversy?
Chandu: Well apparently some bigshot Indian said publicly that some Indians are headless chickens. This was in reference to the Ndeal that India is having with US. Here read this entire report.
Anyways I am excited. We are in the news, the jokes and the talkshows. It feels good that we are featured more on television apart from the usual culinary programmes.
There are features on our HERO Mike as well and how he valiantly survived without a head for 18 months.
Dhondu (after reading the paper): Mike carried on for 18 months. let us see how much time the government survives after this headless controversy.