Wednesday, February 04, 2009


India is supposed to be a tolerant nation. When we got this title it meant that we accepted people of all religions, of all castes, speaking different languages as one country and learned to live together. But now the tolerance seems to have taken a new meaning altogether.

Terrorists come and hold a whole city hostage for week and we have not done anything concrete.

Sena number 1 workers go on a rampage disrupting Republic Day celebrations at a school in Nashik as there were songs in Bhojpuri (an Indian language). It is so ironical that such an incident happened on Republic Day.

They had earlier vandalized a theater in Pune for showing a Kannada movie
Of course everyone knows how they burn greeting card shops damage property and threaten and beat up couples on Valentines Day in the name of protecting Indian culture.
They have been doing such acts since late 1960s and are still at it.
There has never been any serious action taken except for the routine taking them to jail for a day and releasing them on bail the next day.
We are still tolerating their acts and do nothing about it.

Sena number 2 goes one step ahead and beats molests women going to pubs as according to them it is against Indian culture for women to go to pubs. It is a different matter/ post that according to them men going to pubs and drinking is totally within the Indian culture. Goondaism, attacking women are also inline with Indian culture in their books.
What happens to them...the usual they get arrested and get released on bail and are also garlanded and applauded for their ghastly acts. It is more than a week that this has happened and absolutely NOTHING is done about it.

We Indians are carrying this virtue (vice) of tolerance too far.

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Girl With Big Eyes said...

Thin line between a virtue and a vice, eh?
If only we could start with a clean slate rather than all the rules that hung heavy with the tag culture!