Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Random Conversations with Rickshawalas

Moral Police Rickshawala (RW)
Friend and me wearing saris for "Traditional Day" in college struggling to get into the rickshaw with our saris as it was probably the first time we were wearing saris. We also keep telling him not to start the vehicle unless we sit properly .
RW smiling obviously at our discomfort.
We were quite irritated and asked him why the smile and he says Aaj kal ladkiyan sirf salwar kameez aur jeans pehente hai Aisa hi hoga na - meaning. Translated -
IN a very moral police tone - Nobody wears saris nowadays obviously you will be uncomfortable.

Wonder why he did not wear "traditional" clothes.

True Friend RW
He started shouting at another RW whose wheel was not properly set. He was so interested in that vehicle that he was not even seeing where he was driving.
So I pointed out this to him and he explained that the RW he was shouting at was his good friend and therefore he felt that he should help him.
He then told me his friend's story as to how he was not serious about life and how he wastes money on frivolous things.

Concerned RW
This RW was quite chatty and then went into a social commentator mode. He said Bombay is such a unique city. There are some people who are so rich. They have so much money that the next few generations can live off the wealth. On the other hand pointing out to people living on the footpaths, he said there are these people for whom everyday is a struggle for the basic necessities of life.
This RW was also very concerned bout the slowdown in the market as it was affecting his business as well. He was making less money compared to what he was making last year

Such conversations take your mind away from the potholes on the road, pollution and traffic for sometime at least

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Girl With Big Eyes said...

the only times I've talked to RWs in Mumbai is to haggle about the price :)