Monday, September 29, 2008


Well, Priya has given me a wake up call and I better listen to it.
I am in Munich just in time for the Oktoberfest. Definitely a good time to be here. It was a fascinating experience to watch the Oktoberfest.
First of all I have never seen so many people together in one place in this part of the world.
I caught the train to go to the Oktoberfest and there was no need to ask directions as everyone around was going there. You just needed to follow the crowd.
Imagine Dadar station in Mumbai and an escalator in the station and then imagine the number of people that would be there. I can say there were so many people in the train station of the Oktoberfest arena

Many people were dressed in their traditional gear i.e the women wear the Dirndl a and the men wear lederhosen which are special three quarter length panths with special cotton shirts, long socks and boots. It is basically a huge carnival with lots of crazy rides, games, shops and ofcourse the beer tents. I did go inside a couple of tents. The tents have a huge huge party going on in there. There are many many tables and people are having beer in the special 1 litre oktoberfest mugs and eating the typical specialities. There are bands playing in the tents. People are singing along, dancing and generally having a blast.
It is on till October 5th. So if you are around, do visit the fest. Cheers!


Tarun Chandel said...

Interesting, very interesting! In your last post you were seeking some quiet and now you are seems to be enjoying the opposite (just pulling you leg).

Vidya where is your camera? When are we going to see some pictures on your blog? I would love to see a Dadar like crowd of Germany.

Pratiksha Thanki said...

Does that mean you are back to Deutschland? Please say yes! I've heard that the Volksfest in Stuttgart is as good as the Oktoberfest in Munich

Vidya said...

Yes I am. Apparently there is a discussion every year after the two fests as to which is bigger.

Vidya said...

I will upload a few pics Tarun...Please have some patience

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Oktoberfest! I thought it was all about beers and ONLY about beers! Or that's what I've heard and seen.

It is quite an experience to see huge crowds in these countries where usually the streets are deserted. But I am quite glad an impressed that even in such heavy crowds they are polite enough to form lines and not push and pull. Something I'd really really wish to happen in India. It would take so much stress out of everyone!

Anonymous said...

check this out next time u r here with time on your hand!
highly recommended, especially if u r in the Lonely Planet backpacking mood! :)

Arun Jonas